Mini MyPix

Does size really matter? It does when sharing large photos from your Android mobile or tablet device with a limited data plan or when saving large photos to the cloud and to your devices SD Card.

Using MiniMyPix you can:

  • resize photos on average between 80% and 95% without loss of image quality before you share them with friends,
  • save them to your SD Card or
  • transfer them to the cloud.

Don’t just take our word for it, download the FREE fully functional 30 day MiniMyPix trial version and give it a try.  You’ll be amazed at the space and time you will save!

Download MiniMyPix now!

Android app on Google PlayMiniMyPix is now available for download on the Google Play Store.

Download the fully functional 30 day free trial version of MiniMyPix (includes ads) or purchase the advert free MiniMyPix Premium version for only $1.55.

So why are you sharing 8 mega-pixel photos over your limited data plan when you could quickly and easily downsize them on your phone, retaining image quality and clarity, applying cool effects and then sharing them with MiniMyPix to your friends anywhere, any time without blowing your data limit?

Or are you tired of syncing your huge photos to your computer just to resize and edit them on your computer before sharing them with your friends.

Resize, edit, share and save your photos fast, with MiniMyPix directly on your phone or tablet. MiniMyPix makes sharing your photos fast and fun with cool effects with more effects coming soon!

Different ways to use MiniMyPix:

1) Open MiniMyPix from the Android launcher icon. Capture a new photo, or open an existing photo. The image is then automatically resized, rotated (if required) and the photo quality is adjusted to improve the clarity of the photo to make every image pop.

2) Alternatively open your favourite gallery app and share a photo to MiniMyPix which resizes it automatically, add cool effects if you like, then from MiniMyPix simply share the photo to your preferred social app like Facebook or perhaps via a messaging app like Gmail or WhatsApp.  The photo will be reduced on average 80% to 95% smaller when sent, which saves you time and money.

3) In the middle of composing a new email and you want to share a photo but you can’t share more than one large 3Mb photo? No problem just click attach in your email program, select MiniMyPix, select the Gallery app or other imaging app, and pick your photo. MiniMyPix will then automatically resize the photo to your preferred default image dimension and attach the reduced photo (with average size of 200 Kb) to the email. It’s that quick and easy.

  • Reduce Photo Filesize – Average file size reductions of 80% to 95% without loss of image quality
  • Edit Photos – Photo rotation, cropping, and flipping
  • Adjust Photo Colours – Adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, sharpness, clarity
  • Apply Image Effects – Light box, Oil painting, Lomofied, Picasso, Glassified and many more
  • Share Photos – Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Google+ and many more social networks.
  • Save Photos – SD Card, as wallpaper, as contact icons, or to the cloud via Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and similar apps.
MiniMyPix is available for download on the Google Play Store.

Download the fully functional 30 day free trial version of MiniMyPix (includes ads) or purchase the add free MiniMyPix Premium for only $1.99.

MiniMyPix is a photo resizing app for your Android device that also lets you edit, enhance and share your photos with friends and family. MiniMyPix helps you share your photos faster directly from your Android mobile or tablet device using email and other messaging apps or more commonly via Facebook, Google+, Flickr and just about every other social media and photo sharing site.


Stop wasting time!

Are you syncing your mobile photos to your computer, resizing them, editing them and then sharing them?

Stop wasting money!

Are you sharing large photos via your limited 3G mobile data plan and wasting bandwidth uploading them to friends?

Stop the wait!

Are you a bad internet citizen uploading huge photos and wasting everyone’s time downloading them?

Try out the fully functional free version of MiniMyPix or purchase MiniMyPix Premium for only $1.99 on the Google Play store to solve these common complaints!


Free Trial Version

  • Fully functional 45-day trial
  • Includes in-application advertising
  • Resize photos on your mobile
  • Apply cool effects
  • Edit photos
  • Save to the cloud
  • Share with friends

MiniMyPix Premium

Paid Application

  • Fully functional unlimited usage
  • No in-application advertisements
  • Resize photos on your mobile
  • Apply cool effects
  • Edit photos
  • Save to the cloud
  • Share with friends